Bahrain Society of Engineers Hosts the Gulf Engineering Union Meeting

«ديسمبر 27, 2016»

 Bahrain Society of Engineers Hosts the Gulf Engineering Union Meeting This meeting was held at the time when the engineering authorities and engineering entities have become concerned with developing all regulations, legislations and laws that serve the interest of GCC engineers and the engineering profession in the Gulf region. Commenting on this event, the Chairman of BSE, Engineer Masud Ibrahim Al Harmi said: “we, at BSE, are honoured to host this meeting which brought together our dear brothers from the GCC countries under the Engineering Union organization, and the BSE considers this as a part of its obligations towards its brothers in the GCC countries, especially that these meetings have clearly witnessed spirit of cooperation and harmony like all other meetings and we will continue in this direction". “During the two-days meeting, the proposed amendments to the articles of association and the strategy of Gulf Engineering Union were discussed, in addition to updating and developing the Gulf Excellence Award system. Accordingly recommendations will be raised to the Supreme Council meeting to be held in February 2017 in the United Arab Emirates in parallel with the Gulf Engineering Forum that will be held by the UAE Society of Engineers.” Mr. Al Harmi continued and also confirmed that the major topics discussed during the meeting was classification and qualification of engineers and stated that this system is obsolete but is still applied by some GCC engineering entities. He also stated that the discussions also covered methods of circulation of this system to all GCC engineering entities, and helping those who have failed to implement this system yet in preparing their systems in this regard. Engineer Abdulla Yousif Al Ali, Deputy Chairman of UAE Society of Engineers also commented on this event and said: “The participants had reviewed the strategy of the Union in term of incorporating some amendments to the Union’s Message and Vision. The meeting also discussed the Gulf Excellence Award, and we formulated some new ideas to develop the award so it will not be limited to senior engineers but also to include recently graduated engineers. These come as part of our keenness to create and find a “comprehensive engineer”.

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