New participates in the Engineering Career Expo 2019

«مارس 13, 2019»

New participates in the Engineering Career Expo 2019 The Bahrain Society of Engineers is in the process of attracting new specialized entities to participate in the Engineering Career Expo, scheduled to start from 17 to 18 March,in order to continue its efforts for the success of its specialized exhibition organized for the eighth consecutive year in coordination with the University of Bahrain and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education under the patronage of the Minister of Education Dr. Majid bin Ali Alnuaimi. In this regard, and for the first time in the history of the Expo, BSE has succeeded in attracting the Economic Development Board (EDB) as a participant in the event. The chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Expo Eng. Shahraban Sharif and Director of Information in BSE Eng. Huda Sultan met with the EDB’s officials and discussed the possibility of their participation and its importance for both parties. EDB’s official stated that “participation in the Expo is vital to identify to the participants the economic sectors which EDB focuses on attracting and encouraging to invest in Bahrain in order to contribute to the creation of job opportunities. EDB succeeded last year in attracting investments amounting to 314 million Bahraini Dinars, which will contribute to the creation of more than 4,700 job opportunities in the local market over the next three years”. BSE has also received the approval of Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, to participate in this year’s Expo through the participation of the Technical Division. "We are honored to participate in such exhibitions, which reflect the role of Gulf Air as one of the largest local and regional airlines with a high level of national employment," said Eng. Jamal Hashim, Chief Technical Officer at Gulf Air. "We are delighted to participate in the 2019 Engineering Career Expo for the first time and will support more of these initiatives because of their positive impact on the engineering sector in particular and the economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in general." Last but not least, Education & Training Quality Authority (BQA); the entity that periodically reviews the performance of schools and higher education institutions, has also confirmed to BSE their participation in this year’s Expo. In this regard, Eng. Huda Sultan said: "BSE has been keen over the past years to maintain the continuity of the Engineering Career Expo, and to continue to developing it each year by increasing the number of participating schools and the variety of engineering programs presented at the event by the University of Bahrain. This year we have taken a new step in the development of the exhibition and the marketing of the engineering profession through the participation of specialized bodies such as the Economic Development Board, Gulf Air and the Education & Training Quality Authority participating with us this year for the first time in the history of the exhibition. Attracting more stakeholders has a profound impact on the success of such exhibitions. We will also provide student counseling service through professionals who will respond to the queries of the participants and students and help them with regard to their passions and desires in the engineering arena”.

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