Article of Association


2.1    Society Member: the society member title as defined in the Constitution includes both males and females. 

2.2    Board of Directors: means the Society’s Board of Directors elected by the Ordinary or Extraordinary General Assembly. 

2.3    Expanded Meeting of the Specialist association or chapter: the total number of members of the Society of that association or chapter. 

2.4    The Administrative Committee or Body of the Association or Chapter: means the Administrative Committee elected by the expanded meeting of the specialist association or chapter. 

2.5    Association: an umbrella comprising all engineers of the same specialisation. 

2.6    Chapter: an umbrella comprising all engineers working in a specific engineering discipline. 

2.7    Quorum: The necessary number to make the meeting validly convened. 

2.8    Absolute Majority: half the number of the active members plus one or more.
2.9    Simple Majority: half the number of active members present, plus one or more.