Article of Association


Article 1: Meetings of the General Assembly

  1. In pursuance of the provisions of Article (19), Paragraphs 1, 8 and 10, Article (21) and Article (29) Paragraph (F) of the Constitution, members who have the right to attend, nominate and vote and form quorum during the meetings of the General Assembly shall be in accordance with the table set out in Appendix No. (3) of these Bye-Laws, provided that annual fees shall be paid until the date of the meeting.
  2. The Chairman, or any person acting on his behalf, shall open the meeting, and the agenda shall be approved, after which the items are reviewed and approved.

Article 2: Meetings of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall meet at least once every month. An extraordinary meeting may be held at the summons of the Chairman, or at a written request made by at least three members of the Board of Directors. The meetings shall be validly convened if attended by five members.

Article 3: Meetings of Committees, Branches and Associations

Committees, branches and associations shall convene at least one meeting every month to review issues listed on their agendas. They may, however, convene more than one meeting at the request of the Chairman of the Committee, specialist association or chapter, or at the request of two of its members.