Article 1

There was established, in the State of Bahrain in 1972, a Society under the name “THE BAHRAIN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS.” The Society was re-registered on 15.3.1992 by virtue of Registration NoJ. /M/76 in pursuance of the Law of Social and Cultural Societies and Clubs, Associations carrying on Youth and Sports Activities and Private Organisations, promulgated by legislative Decree No. (21) of 1989 and its Implementing Regulations.

Article 2

The Society shall be registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs according to the provisions of Ministerial Order No. (2) of 1990 with respect to Organising a Register for the Registration of Social and Cultural Societies and Clubs Subject to the Supervision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The Society’s legal character shall be re-established subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Article 3

The Society’s headquarters and legal domicile shall be situated in the City of Manama and shall have a branch in the City of Muharraq.

Article 4

The Society shall be legally represented by the Chairman of its Board of Directors or the person acting on his behalf appointed by virtue of a resolution passed by the Board of Directors.

Article 5

The Society shall not engage in politics nor shall it involve itself in financial speculations. The Society shall also observe the public order and morals, undertake in all its activities not to prejudice the well being of the State or form of Government.

Article 6

The name of the Society, the address of its Headquarters, registration number and logo, if any, shall appear in all its books, registers and publications.