The Board was formed

«March 25, 2015»

Dear Member,

Kindly be advised that the first meeting of the new board chaired by Mr. Masoud Al- Hermi was convened on 10th March 2015. The Board was formed as mentioned below :-

  1. Vice President
    Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Janahi
  2. Executive Secretary & External Relations
    Mr. Jawad Jaffar Al-Jabal
  3. Treasurer
    Mr. Abbas Ali Al-Watani
  4. Director of Conferences
    Mr. Jameel Khalaf Al-Alawi
  5. Director of Members Affairs
    Mr. Ahmed A.Rahman Al-Khan
  6. Director of Training & IT
    Mr. Ayman Mohammed Nasser
  7. Director of Information
    Mr. A.Nabi Abdulla Al-Sabah
  8. Director of Information
    Ms. Reem Ahmed Al-Otaibi

The Board of Directors urges all members to participate in the following committees with an aim to continue improvements of various activities:

  1. Information Committee.
  2. Activities Committee.
  3. Training Committee.
  4. Conference Committee.
  5. IT Committee

  For registration, please contact BSE on Tel. 17-727100

Mr. Jawad Jaffar Al-Jabal
Executive Secretary

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