First meeting of the new board

«March 25, 2012»

Ref. No. 9/FN/2012
Date : 22 March 2012

Dear Member,

  Kindly be advised that the first meeting of the new board chaired by Mr. A. Majeed Al Algassab was convened on 14th March 2012. The Board was formed as mentioned below :-

  1. Vice President & Director of Youth Development - Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Janahi
  2. Executive Secretary & Director of information & External Relations - Mr. Jawad Jaffar Al Jabal
  3. Director of Activities -  Ms. Hend Mohamed Bucheeri
  4. Treasurer - Mr. Hussain Jaffar Makki
  5. Director of Internal Conferences - Mr. Ayman Mohamed Naser
  6. Director of External Conferences - Mr. Ahmed A. Rahman AL Khan
  7. Director of Training - Mr. Sameeh M. Al Alawi
  8. Director of Members Affairs - Dr. Amer Ali Bin Rajab

The Board of Directors urges all members to participate in the following committees with an aim to continue improvements of various activities:

  1. Information Committee.
  2. Activities Committee.
  3. Training Committee.
  4. Conference Committee.

For registration, please contact BSE on Tel. 17-727100

Mr. Jawad J. Al Jabal
Executive Secretary

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